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Your Town Runners EN7

Goffs Oak is a large village in the borough of Broxbourne in Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom. It is situated between Cuffley and Cheshunt

The village is named after the Goff family, who owned much of the land in the area, and symbolised by the original Old Oak, said to be several hundred years old before it fell in the 1950s. Its replacement fell itself in 1987 after severe damage during the storm of 1987.

The village centre is marked by a War Memorial which was unveiled on 20 December 1920.[2] It is inscribed with the names of 32 men from the village who were killed in the First World War. A further three names were added following the Second World War. The houses north-east of the memorial were originally the police station. Next to the police station was a civil defence siren which was regularly tested through the 1960s, as part of the national defence at the height of the Cold War. The siren could be heard across the whole village area.

Goffs Oak has been used as a film location. In the 1970s, Timeslip,[3] a popular children’s science fiction series, was filmed at Burnt Farm Army Camp in Silver Street. Gerry Anderson‘s, The Protectors, filmed in the 1970s and starring Robert Vaughn also used the former army camp as a location.[4]

The Spurs squad, during the mid ’50’s, used to run down Burton Lane as part of their “circuit” training, back to their training ground on Brookfield Lane.

  • Your Town Runners Launching Jan 2019 from Goffs School.  All abilities welcome to join us for this weekly social 5k run

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