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Goffs Oak is a large village in the borough of Broxbourne in Hertfordshire in the United Kingdom. It is situated between Cuffley and Cheshunt

The village is named after the Goff family, who owned much of the land in the area, and symbolised by the original Old Oak, said to be several hundred years old before it fell in the 1950s. Its replacement fell itself in 1987 after severe damage during the storm of 1987.

The village centre is marked by a War Memorial which was unveiled on 20 December 1920.[2] It is inscribed with the names of 32 men from the village who were killed in the First World War. A further three names were added following the Second World War. The houses north-east of the memorial were originally the police station. Next to the police station was a civil defence siren which was regularly tested through the 1960s, as part of the national defence at the height of the Cold War. The siren could be heard across the whole village area.

Goffs Oak has been used as a film location. In the 1970s, Timeslip,[3] a popular children’s science fiction series, was filmed at Burnt Farm Army Camp in Silver Street. Gerry Anderson‘s, The Protectors, filmed in the 1970s and starring Robert Vaughn also used the former army camp as a location.[4]

The Spurs squad, during the mid ’50’s, used to run down Burton Lane as part of their “circuit” training, back to their training ground on Brookfield Lane.

  • Your Town Runners Launching Jan 2019 from Goffs School.  All abilities welcome to join us for this weekly social 5k run

Hertford Town SG14



Your Town Runners SG14

An historic market town, Hertford has so much to offer: specialist shops, Hertford Museum, antique shops, pubs and restaurants, riverside walks, town and Castle events.

History, art, culture, nature, gastronomy and much more besides, Hertford draws on its history of over a thousand years.

The town centre, which is largely a conservation area, incorporates the central Salisbury Square, which features a water sculpture depicting the four rivers that meet in Hertford – the Rib, Beane, Mimram and Lea (or Lee).

Formerly a major market for corn and other agricultural produce, Hertford owed its importance to proximity to London which resulted in lucrative trading and provision of a base for royalty and nobility to enjoy country life and sport.

It is a town hard to describe in a few words because its exceptional features make it a very special place.

  • Your Town Runners Launching Dec 2018 from Hertford House Hotel 1 Fore St Hertford @ 7PM. All abilities welcome to join us for this weekly social 5k run

Hoddesdon EN11




Over 20,000 people call Hoddesdon their hometown, and so do we! Best known for a plot to kill Charles II (See Rye House Plot), Hoddesdon is a vibrant market town with a strong core of local businesses.

As our hometown and experimental playground, the Hoddesdon community naturally has access to all of our offerings, including:

  • Your Town Runners
    – Leave Your Town Street Office every Tuesday @ 7pm – ALL WELCOME
  • Your Town Walkers
    – Leave Your Town Street Office every Monday @ 9am – ALL WELCOME
  • Give Your Town The Run Around
    – Our flagship event on last weekend of September every year
  • Give Your School The Run Around
    – An annual collaborative project with 10 local primary schools
  • Your Town Get-Togethers
    – Smaller scale events for <200 participants
  • Your Town Speaks
    – Our very own local podcast for interviewing community leaders
  • Your Town Rise
    – A design & fashion collaboration with a local college
  • Your Town Works
    – Coming soon…

Banbury OX16



With over 47,000 locals, Banbury is a decent sized town. It’s also home to the world’s largest coffee-processing facility.… if you trust Wikipedia that is.

 The newest member of the Your Town family, Energie Fitness Banbury have a free weekly Your Town Runners Club open to members and non-members!

  • Your Town Runners – Leave Énergie Fitness every Wednesday @ 7pm – ALL WELCOME

Palmers Green N13



Whilst over 15,000 people call Palmers Green home, a fun fact is that the area is home to the largest population of Greek Cypriots outside Cyprus! As a result, some locals affectionately call the area “Little Cyprus” or  “Palmers Greek”.

The very first Énergie Fitness gym to invest in starting an incentivised Your Town Runners Club. It’s completely free and open to members AND non-members of the gym!

  • Your Town Runners – Leave Energie Fitness every Wednesday @ 7pm – NON-GYM MEMBERS WELCOME!

Potters Bar EN6



Your Town Get-Togethers Pilot Site

Over 21,000 people call Potters Bar home. Thought to get it’s name from a nearby Roman Pottery, the town only joined Hertfordshire County in 1965 when Middlesex was absorbed into London!

One of three innovative towns in Hertfordshire & Essex to pilot our Get-Togethers concept:

  • Your Town Get-Together – Bike Ride in October 2016

Rushden NN10



Rushden Town Council has partnered with Rushden Lakes & are now the proud owners of a Your Town franchise.

They have invested in the license of a YT Walk – Run – Ride ‘Get Together’

In 2019 a new energy is coming to Rushden Town NN10.

Harlow CM20



Your Town Get-Togethers Pilot Site

Harlow has over 86,000 residents and an interesting mix of old & new. Whilst Old Harlow settlements can be dated back to the Domesday book, New Harlow was a post-WWII “New Town” development to ease overcrowding in London.

One of three innovative towns in Hertfordshire & Essex to pilot our Get-Togethers concept:

  • Your Town Get-Together – Run in October 2016