Your Town is more than a team, it’s a community. We honestly couldn’t do any of the work we do without the help of a huge number of people who took the decision to make an impact in their local community, either as part of our core team or as volunteers.

We can’t list every single person here, but here are a few of those truly deserving the most esteemed Your Town title: “Community Maker”.

Mark White

Founder & CEO

Our Founder & leader discovered his passion for community whilst running his own company leasing photocopiers and fax machines. The very definition of ‘mover & shaker’, Mark has continued to drive forward the Your Town vision from day one. Fun Fact – Mark has also written a children’s book called ‘Dumbleby Forest’.

Richard Loat

Strategic advisor

Candee Hasell

WeAreNext project lead

I get a lot of movement from my job teaching PE as well a huge amount of enjoyment and satisfaction. I also play netball and attend boot camps which both use a range of movement and fitness.
I believe it is so important that we all have a certain amount of movement in our daily routine/life. It’s important for our mind body and soul, as well as social benefits it can give us the energy and focus we all need each day. This is the reason I feel so passionately about encouraging and empowering the next generation to have the same motivation!
‘Keep your vitality. A life without health is like a river without water’ (Maxime Lagacé)

Alex Moscow

Comms & PR

Alex is a strategic communications specialist who enables talented, passionate founders and owners to share their brilliance with the world. Over his career he has helped build the profiles of CEOs and executives at some of world’s largest tech companies including, Samsung, BT, McAfee and Toshiba.

He now uses those same skills to enable his clients from companies of all sizes to unlock their potential and position themselves as the leader in their field.

Laura Soilleux


Sean O'Keeffe

Branding & Design Guru

Sean has played a vital part in crafting the Your Town brand, from fundamental design right through to our brand strategy, Having access to Sean’s expertise continues to be vital in Your Town’s growth and strength of brand. He’s well and truly earned his own place in our family!

Claire Foster

WeAreNext Lead Dacorum

How you choose to move
I choose to move in the gym! I either put my headphones on, shut out the world and lift weights or join the girls for a group HIIT class!

Why you believe in moving
I move to feel great, feel strong and of course so I can eat and drink lots of yummy things!

Why it’s important to you to encourage and empower the next generation
My whole life I have wanted to share my passion of sport and physical activity within my community and I am lucky enough to do this every day. I want everyone to experience the feel good factors you get when you move.

Dora Atim

We Are Next

How you choose to move - anything running related

Why you believe in moving &
Why it’s important to you to encourage & empower the next generation movement is so important, the benefits physically, mentally, emotionally are endless! Movement brings people together from all walks of life and in the famous words of Charlie Dark, your body is the most precious thing you own, so it’s best you take care of it.

Empowering & encouraging the next generation is key in aiding their development and wellbeing, our actions and messaging is important in making sure that the next generation build and maintain a positive relationship with movement and exercise and to see it as an extremely important tool to have in their lives.

Carrie Hudson

We Are Next

I started out as reluctant runner – just needing to get out of the house really – and It quickly became something that facilitated the things I enjoy like socialising, being out side in all weathers and time spent with people I enjoy hanging out with – all wrapped up in fitness and fun!

I was a very fortunate beneficiary of the 2012 legacy which created an opportunity for me to become a Leader in Running Fitness, start my very own Ladies Running Club and train as a level 1 Coach in Running fitness.

More recently a career change has allowed me to explore in greater depth the importance of movement on both the physical and mental well being of us humans and now helping people move more often more easily is my day job! I am a running coach and a soft tissue therapist so at least now I can mend all the parts that get sore!

Tom Stuart

Videographer + Editor

Nathan Richardson

Videographer + Editor

I’m 18 years old and currently studying at Hertford Regional College on my second year of my Film and Media course. I’ve Always been interested in the film industry and making my own videos, so to be able to do that for a local company such as YourTown is brilliant and helping me learn many more skills as I go.

Andy Phelan

We Are Next Project contributor | Learning and Training Mentor | Ocado Technology

When at school, I was never one of the sporty kids: I wasn't macho; sports didn't come naturally; and I was so hyper-competitive that I just didn't try for fear of failing. As I've grown up, I've embraced exercise not only for the physical benefits but also for mental well-being and conquered challenges I never thought possible when younger. With growing issues of anxiety in schools, I feel it is crucial to teach future generations about the benefits of exercise, and that it can be done in a fun way and doesn't need to be intimidating. I am proud to be part of the Your Town team to help promote this.


We are always looking for energetic, dynamic people who are passionate about their local area.

If you’d love to get involved, we’d love to hear from you. Drop us an email to start a conversation!