We believe in the unique energy of towns

Our Mission

Your Town CIC aim to be a catalyst that encourages people to live healthy lives and get more engaged in their local community, making them proud of where they live.

Where We Began…

The first seed for Your Town was planted when our Founder, Mark White, sent himself an email in 2011 with an idea for a running event that started and finished in Hoddesdon town centre. Three years on, a chance meeting in April 2014 brought ‘Give Your Town The Run Around’ to life, and following a steep learning curve, our first event happened just 5 months later in September 2014.

A year later in October 2015, after putting on two more successful events, we decided to have a permanent presence in town and invested in our first Street Office. And so… Your Town was born!

How Your Town Unfolded…

Fast forward a few years and we’ve pursued our passion for building and celebrating community in a diverse range of ways. In December 2015, we launched our Your Town Clubs, with free weekly clubs for local runners and walkers. In October 2016 we piloted our first “Get-Togethers” simultaneously across three Hertfordshire towns with a run, walk and bike ride for up to 100 participants in each. During the summer 2017, we kicked off our “Give Your School the Run Around” programme, which included 10 local primary schools in activities to raise awareness of health, wellbeing and community, culminating in a grand finale event hosted by a local secondary school.

Building Towards the Future…

Having developed a wide range of experience in engaging with local people and businesses, we are now hoping to enable others to do the same thing in their own towns. In August 2017, we took the first steps to achieving this goal by partnering with Energie Fitness to launch Your Town Clubs in their gym franchises. As of January 2018 we now have 5 running clubs and 1 walking club around the country. Our franchised events have also been organised in six towns around the UK, raising money for charities and local causes.

This year, we’re planning big things! Whilst continuing to expand our reach through partnerships and collaborations, we are looking to give more and more towns the tools to do everything that we do in their own local area.


Mark is one of the most inspirational, dynamic & creative people I have ever met during my ten years as a Member of Parliament, a social entrepreneur!

He has galvanised the community around his flagship event Give Your Town The Run Around and is already securing significant national interest in this initiative. In short, anyone keen on building community participation, pride and ownership should be talking to Mark and his team.

Charles Walker MP OBE