Get involved

Our Ambassadors are the beating heart of Your Town, without whom none of our success would be possible.

They are our boots on the ground. The people who plan, organise and execute Your Town events.

Whether they are from the local authority, local businesses, community groups or passionate individuals, they are the driving force that gets every community moving.

We cannot make an impact without the help of our passionate Ambassadors.

"What do you want for your town? What's missing? What are people asking for? Whatever it is, Your Town can help you deliver it. With their help, we've built an engaged community that's committed to making change happen."

Ann Philips

If you are already involved in local projects or have always had a desire to make a positive impact on your community, we’d love to hear from you.

Your Town experiences have been designed to be quick and easy to implement, while having a lasting transformative impact.

If you’re interested in getting Your Town off the ground in your town, please get in contact.