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Organise a profitable Run / Walk / Ride at an easily manageable scale with 20-200 participants. Use this innovative “Get-Togethers” concept to organise multiple events throughout the year, bringing together your local community in activity. Including numerous guides, templates & tools, as well as your branding licence, this pack has everything you need to organise community Get-Togethers.

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Organise a profitable Run / Walk / Ride at an easily manageable scale with 20-200 participants.


We call this community offering a ‘get-together’ to emphasise the simplicity of putting one on. Not everyone has the time or resources to organise and manage a large-scale event and if that’s the case, this pack is for you. Intended to be used for running, walking and cycling events including less than 200 participants, this pack gives you all the tools & templates for establishing a simple series of events that could be run multiple times a year with minimal effort.

Key Features:

  • Your Town Get-Togethers Guide
  • Bespoke branding for your local area
  • Event Insurance Coverage
  • Event Timing Solutions
  • Bespoke Promotional Templates (social media campaign, leaflets & posters)
  • Risk Assessment Templates
  • Exclusive access to our Event Materials Packs for bespoke medals, banners and merchandise.
  • And many more tools & templates…

The initial investment covers the pack, your core reusable event materials and a one year branding license. From then on, you will simply pay a much smaller annual fee for the branding license!

Your Town Get-Together FAQ’s

1. Why are limitations placed upon numbers / road closures etc. for YT Get-Togethers?

YT Get-Togethers are intended to be pop-up style events with minimal barriers to those looking to organise community activity events either for the first time, or in a way that enables multiple events to be organised within one year manageably. With larger events, like Give Your Town The Run Around, the logistics and costs involved often puts off people from getting going. One of our mottos is “start anywhere” and this is what led us to creating our Get-Togethers pack, that can enable anyone to plan and launch their own series of running, walking or cycling community events.

In order to achieve this, we recommend the below limitations to help bring down costs and logistical considerations:

  •  Limit participants to <200 people

Your capacity is heavily dependent upon the route you do and the number of marshals you can recruit. As a general rule of thumb, as soon as you reach 200+ participants the logistical implications stack up very quickly in terms of the provisions and risk assessments that need to be put in place. It’s not impossible to have a Get-Together with more, but this is very situation dependent.

  •  Avoid road closures.

Road closures are expensive things to organise and require an incredible amount of planning and preparation well in advance. Being clever in planning your route to avoid the need to close any roads is key to a successful Get-Together.

  •  Why don’t you usually do race timing / chip timing?

In line with the pop-up style nature of these Get-Togethers, we tend not to do any form of race timing solutions for this size of event. In some cases, we have used free app solutions, but on the most part we have found that people are timing themselves anyway and Get-Togethers are not intended to be a race anyway! Chip timing in particular can be fairly expensive to organise, so can be prohibitive for getting a series of events up and running.

  •  Embroidered Badges vs Medals

The key reason for our choice to use embroidered badges is differentiation. We don’t see YT Get-Togethers as a “race”, it’s a community activity that brings people together. Medals very much convey the impression of a competitive event, so we choose not to use them for our smaller Get-Together events.

2. Why is it important that the Get-Together starts/finishes as close to the town centre as possible?

Get-Togethers are a celebration of the local community and what makes that town, village or city unique. Our focus is always to bring people’s energy to town and get them more familiar with their High Street. It does mean you have to be that bit more creative with your route planning, particularly to avoid road closures! However, the sense of community Get-Togethers bring to the High Street is well worth the effort and brings a completely different vibe than a running event in a park / tow paths etc.


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