Weekly Local Social Runs Driven by a ‘Community Up’ Philosophy.





A Community Of Runners

Your Town Runners is not a club! We are community of runners that connect with each other & there surroundings through the power of running.
We meet weekly for a free social 5k run. We create spaces & opportunities to connect with others.



Meet at VIA Properties every Tuesday and leave to run at 7pm – A free social 5k run



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Ascot Racecourse, High Street, SL5 7JX. Meet at the top of stairs from the underpass. (Winkfield Rd side)

We are Driven by a ‘Community Up’ Philosophy

How do we move individually and collectively? How do we better connect with ourselves, with others & with our surroundings?

How can we best reflect on who we are, where we are going and then empower ourselves to get there?

These are the questions we ask ourselves and our communities.

Our answer is driven by 4 guiding principles that shape everything we do.

Each element is powerful on its own. Combine them and that's when you get true transformative change.


We exist to energise local communities and get them moving, connecting, growing and thriving.


We are never satisfied. We consistently review and revise what we do. We are always challenging ourselves and our communities to do better.


We connect people to themselves, their community and their surroundings, so they can unite around a common cause.


We come together to drive progress and trigger transformation because together we are stronger.


Mark White


Age: late 30’s
Road or trail? As long as I am running and outdoors I’m not to fussed –
Favourite distance: Really not bothered about distance, I run for my wellbeing, not PB’s or distance.
Favourite event to date? Give your Town The Run Around EN11
Dream event A running one! I do love the idea of running in different parts of the world

Why run? It’s been a real game changer for me, I started to run after giving up the fags in 2011 and it has changed my life, literally! As mentioned I run for my wellbeing, I have a deeper understanding of lots of things in life through the lessons of running and I have met some incredible people, long may it continue. I love to move and be outdoors and connecting with others along the way is a huge part of the running journey for me,

Top tip: Put one foot in front of the other, show up and don’t give up… be patient!

Danny Dell

EN8 Run Captain

Name: Danny, Toad, Henry, Dad, Uncle and Auntie!......
Age: Half century is a knocking!
Experience: 0-63 miles, 3 x Couch to 5k courses led.
Road or trail? Love a good Trail
Favourite distance: Just want to run, not worried about distance.
Favourite race to date? Westminster mile (ran it with no.3 son when he was really ickle!)
Dream race: Appalachian trail

Why run? Why not! Your outside in the fresh air wether it be on the streets of your home town or the trails of a mountain somewhere. No real limits to what you can achieve if you train for it (as I say everyone has a marathon in them). It’s time for you when you can either chat with a buddy or even a total stranger. Or get some head space to clear out those cobwebs that can sometimes build up.

Top tip: Never judge your running achievements against someone else’s. Everyone is different and you should be proud of all you achieve and celebrate every milestone YOU set for yourself.

Kat Dell

EN8 Run Capitain

Name: I respond to a few - Katrina, Kat, Mrs D.
Age: just gone up by a category!
Experience: 0-33miles
Road or trail? Trail
Favourite distance: 5 miles
Favourite race to date? Dulux Revolution Trails.
Dream race: Bahamas marathon.

Why run? I’m much happier when I’m outside. Running is a personal journey and often an escapism. I learnt early on not to compete with anyone else for times, sometimes when marathon training sucks your mojo I have to be reminded of my initial WHY. Encouraging others and getting excited about achieving their personal bests is really rewarding, so I love that aspect.

Top tip: Find a running goal that makes you happy because if they don’t, they aren’t your goals they are someone else’s. RUN HAPPY.

I believe it is so important that we all have a certain amount of movement in our daily routine/life. It’s important for our mind body and soul, as well as social benefits it can give us the energy and focus we all need each day. This is the reason I feel so passionately about encouraging and empowering the next generation to have the same motivation!

‘Keep your vitality. A life without health is like a river without water’ (Maxime Lagacé)


SL5 Run Capitain

Name: I respond to a few - Fotini, Fof, Stad, Staddon.
Age: 33
Experience: 26.2 miles in 24 hours Run Grateful. 10K Winter Run. Heaps of running in Lockdown - 5K4Breakfast
Road or trail? Road or trail? I love exploring a good trail, as long as I am outside then it's perfect!!
Favourite distance: Wherever my heart and feet take me
Favourite race to date? It would definitely have to be the 26.2 Mile/24 Hour Run Grateful Challenge. My Winter Run 10K ended up on a Treadmill which was tough, and inside!!!
Dream race: Anywhere in the world

Why run?Freedom! When I'm running I love the feeling that it gives me I like to call it my moving meditation. I feel centred, rooted, strong, grounded. Everyday is a new day and every run is a new run. Running for me has become an everlasting growing journey, helping me mentally and physically, meeting new friends, making new friendships.

Top tip: Lace up, go outside, stand there in silence, look up at the sky, contemplate how amazing life is, breathe it in, then go for a run! Make every mile a GRATEFUL MILE


Run Capitain

Name: Sarah
Age: 48
Experience: I’ve got a fair few miles under my belt.
Road or trail? I would have said road but just recently I have run some amazing trails.
Favourite distance: I love a 10k but if I am entering an event it’s got to be a Half Marathon.
Favourite race to date? Cambridge Half Marathon 2020. A big group of Your Town Runners were at this event at that made it special. I have been to races, run alone and achieved a PB and that’s all I can remember about it but this one was run with friends and I have memories that I will cherish forever.
Dream race: Nothing springs to mind but I would quite like the challenge of a Triathlon.

Why run? I love it. It makes me happy. The freedom of putting on your trainers and heading out the door is such a great feeling. When I first started running, I always used to run alone it was my time to get my head straight but I have learnt that running with others is what I love most. Oh and of course let’s not forget the cake credits!!

Top tip: Believe in yourself and you will achieve your goals. 2. You can never have too many running shoes J