Working On Wellness – #WOWfest19 06.07.19

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As individuals we sometimes suffer with our mental health. We have good days and bad, we have days when we cope and days which we find difficult. Being part of a community who are thinking about mental health and being aware of the signs when a person is not having such a good time is so important. In a world where we have technology at our finger tips, we need good social networks to help us to engage with others.

In this collaboration between Robert Barclay Academy, John Warner School and Your Town CIC, we are proud to be putting on Hertfordshire’s first ever Working On Wellness Festival (#WOWfest19) with a diverse range of speakers and workshops providing insights into mental health and wellbeing that will benefit all ages. #WOWfest19 l is for anyone with an interest in Wellbeing, including local professionals and students from any company or school.

The guest speakers, workshops and stalls span a range of topics, companies and areas of support. We really do have something for everyone, and hope that we can celebrate mental health awareness, try new things around your own wellbeing and figure out where to go if you or a loved one needs support; both in areas of mental health and physical.

All funds raised will go towards supporting mental health & wellbeing charities. Help us to make this the biggest mental health awareness festival in Hertfordshire!

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  • 09:00 Registration
  • 09:30 Welcome
  • 09:40 Keynotes
  • 11:30 Workshops start
  • 12:30 Workshops
  • 14:00 Workshops
  • 15:00 Closing address and announcements
  • 15:30 Kick out time…


Robert Barclay Academy | John Warner School

At Robert Barclay Academy our students are encouraged to care about others, and we are driven to take time out of our lives to #connect #notice #learn #exercise and #volunteer an idea developed by teachers on twitter including @MartynReah and @TeacherToolkit. These ideas of wellness are embedded in our PSHE curriculum and our Wellbeing Warriors uphold these commitments and encourage others to take time out to do. As a school we feel it is important to reach out to our community and develop an ethos towards positivity, but also a support structure so we know where to go if we need help. We have everything we need right here in Hoddesdon, but sometimes don’t know where to look.

As RBA, we are not enough to make this change alone; so we have partnered with The John Warner School to make this a true community event. JWS hold the same values in terms of welfare, and have recently achieved the Wellbeing Award for Schools, developed in partnership with the National Children’s Bureau. The school has a strong commitment to wellbeing which is encouraged through, for example, the Lifelong Learning curriculum, The Hub and a staff wellbeing committee.


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