YT Runners Launching in Hertford Town SG14

By 30th November 2018 News

A brand new “Your Town Runners” is being created & is coming to Hertford Town with the support of the great people at Hertford House Hotel

A weekly social 5k run Around Hertford Town.

Welcome to the Your Town community!

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Martin who will be leading & looking after Your Town Runners SG14 which launches soon from the amazing Hertford House Hotel …

A few words from Martin “I am delighted to be able to help bring Your Town Runners to Hertford. Your Town has done so much for the local communities it has already been involved in and I can’t wait to be able to bring the same energy and excitement to Hertford”

Thank you for being a community maker & we can’t wait to launch Your Town Runners on December 17th @ 7PM

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