Chexs ” High Five” Family Fun-Run – 17.05.20

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We’re delighted that Our local partners, the charity CHEXS, are back with a brand new in 2020. Following the success of the last run in October 2019 where they organised their first ever Your Town Get-Together 2km Run that was fun for ALL the family, despite a bit of rain…

All entry fees from ticket sales go directly to CHEXS, to support all of the fantastic work they do with children and families that you can learn more about below.

The route involves a 1KM loop, starting and finishing in Waltham Cross High Street.


CHEXS Mission Statement

Supporting families and the local community to reach their goals.

CHEXS Vision:

Our vision is of a community of strong families working together to reach their goals. Our whole-family approach builds trust and resilience to support young people realise their aspirations.

CHEXS Mission:

Our mission is to build strong relationships, communication and trust within the family. Through teamwork, skills-building and problem solving we work with young people to give them self-esteem, meaning and purpose for the future.

CHEXS Values

Community –   We aim to create a united community working together with a sense of belief and ownership tackling local issues and improving community relationships

Homes –           We want to help people have a better home life through improved communication, relationships and life skills for the whole family

Enrichments –  We engage children & children/young people in positive activities within the community, to help raise self-esteem, confidence and aspirations whilst developing vital life skills.

Xtra-mile –       We work tirelessly to make a difference and our focus is always to put families’ and communities’ best interests at the heart of everything we do.

Support –         We endeavor to ensure that CHEXS’ diligence, passion, professionalism, enthusiasm, loyalty and local knowledge provides support for all the families and local communities that we serve.

How CHEXS is different:

CHEXS utilises a unique model to build strong families that contribute to a thriving community. By working with the whole family, CHEXS helps parents build strong, positive relationships and trust with their child. In turn, we work with young people through a variety of innovative projects designed to build self-esteem, team-work, problem-solving and tangible skills. The projects instil a sense of purpose, meaning and aspirations for the future. Our focus on resilience equips young people to face everyday challenges and achieve their potential for a better future.

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