Your Town #Run24EN11 13th – 14th July 2018

By 14th July 2018 November 30th, 2018 News, Past Events
What a day! Over 160 local runners helped in our 24-Hour Running Challenge, having someone consistently running around Hoddesdon Town from 9:30am Friday till 9:30am Saturday. Local business’s, families, friends… An opportunity for the whole community to get involved as we looked to showcase Hoddesdon & promote our next Give Your Town The Run Around event in September.


Collectively as a Community in 24 hours we ran….

1006.44 km

Thank you SO much to everyone who got involved – as you can see, we quite literally couldn’t have made it over one thousand without every single one of you. You’re all awesome #CommunityMakers

We were humbled by the way the community pulled together to support this initiative, with many people turning out at crazy hours of the night to help see us through and families walking/running the route together, adding vital km to our total.

This experience has made us EVEN more proud to be a part of the local Hoddesdon community with a result that is undeniably 100% a community achievement.


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