Banbury OX16 Community Visit

By 1st March 2018 March 21st, 2018 Community Tour, News

It has started … Yesterday we Kicked off our UK Tour in Banbury • OX16 .. We are looking forward to meeting others & building relationships across the UK over the next 60 days, which will see us visit 56 different communities and run 5k in each place. We met some inspiring people who care about where they live and it was great running around #OX16 with others, also great to see a YT Runners club come to life in other places… P.S it was -7. We also met Ashley who was 24.6 stone a year ago and now currently weighs 13.8 stone, amazing stuff & Tim who has a real passion for where he lives and plays a huge part in his local community. Thank you Banbury, you were great …onto the next one! Banbury, Oxfordshire  Energie Fitness Banbury énergie Fitness Clubs UK #runyourtownwithenergie #OX16 #RunWithOthers #TownsMatter


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